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Intake Process

We are accepting new patients via telehealth only.

Please follow the steps below to schedule an intake!

Step 1:
Initiate Contact

You have two options to initiate services:

1. Schedule a free 30-minute video consultation by visiting:

2. Call (619) 844-1345 or email us. Please provide us with the best phone number to reach you directly, times you are available to have a private video consultation, and the type of therapy you’re seeking (Individual, Couples, Family). 

Step 2:
Telephone Intake

A Blueprint psychotherapist will conduct a 30 minute, initial video consultation intake. This meeting covers a variety of areas including: important aspects of your personal life, any risks you are facing, & the fee you can afford. The therapist will answer questions you have regarding BCS, the types of therapy we provide, & next steps. There is no charge for this confidential conversation. If BCS is not a good match for your needs, you will be provided referrals. 

Step 3:
Prep For Your First Session

After your initial video consultation, you will receive a client portal invite to complete intake paperwork. This must be completed BEFORE your appointment. Emails are usually received from:

You can also access the client portal by visiting and inputting the email you used to sign up for services. 

Step 4:
What to Expect 

During your first session, your therapist will:

  1. Review the intake paperwork

  2. Verify Insurance and/ or Payment Preferences

  3. Complete an Initial Assessment (biopsychosical) and discuss Treatment Goals. 

Step 5:
Ongoing Therapy

At BCS, we use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help you meet your goals. Typically,  you and your therapist will meet at the same time every week. Sessions are 50 minutes long. As therapy progresses, you and your therapist may decide on the best session frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly). You may continue your work with your therapist for as long as you both see fit.

Step 6:

Throughout your healing journey, we will review the progress that has been made during the duration of your therapy sessions.

We will proceed towards discharge when:

1. Your goals have been met. 

2. The maximum therapeutic potential reached.

*Therapeutic Resources and Community Referrals will also be provided, if needed. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Blueprint Counseling Solutions. Here you'll find a series of commonly asked questions. If your question is not listed below, please feel free to send an email and we will respond within two (2) business days.

Is Counseling/ Therapy right for me?

Therapy is for everyone! As humans, we are consistently evolving, growth doesn't only represent the physical ----it means growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As individuals, we aspire to the best of the best. Change requires the ability to have the awareness to recognize challenges, be proactive and the courage to grow to your maximum potential. If you broke your leg, you would go to the doctor, get a cast,  take it easy for 3-4 months, and then attend 6- 10 weeks of physical therapy. All of these are necessary steps to heal and become stronger than before. Your mind is equally, if not more important. Protect it.

What’s the difference between life coaching and psychotherapy?

Often times Life Coaches and Psychotherapists are grouped together, creating an illusion that they provide the same services.  While they both seek to accomplish goals, they are vastly different in treatment approaches. First, coaching can be provided by any professional and does not require advanced or specialized training in the fields of psychology, sociology, advocacy, wellness, etc. In order to provide therapy, you must possess a Masters degree in a behavioral science field, such as Marriage & Family Therapy, Social Work, or Psychology. In addition to being recognized as a therapist (clinician), one must complete an extensive internship obtaining a minimum of 3,000 combined clinical hours, documentation, clinical training, and clinical supervision; pass a California state Law and Ethics exam and a Clinical exam. Finally, therapists must complete a standard amount of continuing education credits every 2- 5 years and many seek advanced specialized verifications and trainings in different modalities and targeted populations.

What areas of my life can we address in therapy?

Blueprint Counseling Solutions can assist you making changes in your life surrounding a variety of areas and concerns to include, but not limited to: education/ career decisions; premarital/ marital relationships; significant life transitions (parenting, separation/ divorce, faith), workplace conflict, immigration challenges, child welfare, probation, foster care, codependency, unhealthy boundaries, lack of motivation, anxiety, depression, parent-child interactions, substance use, trauma, etc.


Therapy helps you to strengthen areas within your life domain, while managing items that prevent you from meeting your own personal goals. A mental diagnosis is merely a name for a group of symptoms. Therefore, symptoms can be alleviated.

How often do I have to attend?

Participating in therapy/ coaching services is your choice. As a clinical professional, I recommend beginning therapy weekly. In your first evaluation session, we will develop goals (Blueprint Plan) that you choose to work towards in Client & Family Voice and Choice. My primary goal is to support you in reaching your goals quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Do you offer services outside of therapy?

Blueprint Counseling provides the following services:

  • Individual, Family & Couples therapy

  • Academic Advising

  • Career Coaching

  • Support Groups    

  • Education Workshops

  • Advocacy


BCS does not provide:

  • Court Assessments

  • School Evaluations

  • Custody Disputes or Recommendations

  • Legal Mediation

How would you describe your therapy style?

The most important factor to my therapeutic approach is respecting my clients as the expert  of their life. I am not the expert of your life; You are! There are 52 weeks in one year. Even if I saw you every week for the whole year (52 hours) that doesn’t even add up to 3 full days of your daily life. I merely see your life through different lenses and help you see the things that aren’t recognizable through your current vision.

Therapy is expensive! I have more important things to spend money on.

Therapy is an investment. We invest in clothes, electronics, cars, education, and houses, but nothing is more valuable than your mind and happiness. Remember these things aren’t worth it, if you are not in the right mind to enjoy them.

Our Handbook

Client Forms

These forms should be completed in the client portal. BCS handles all client records and documentation electronically through the client portal. These are simply downloadable copies. 

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