The Blueprint Team



CA-Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #105316

CA- Credentialed School Counselor (PPSC/ CWA)

FL- TLHT Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #TPMF200

Latisha is a graduate of the School-Based Family Counseling Master’s Program at CSU, Los Angeles. After many years working in the public sector, Latisha identified the need to promote and encourage strength-based dialogue surrounding mental health care at the state, county, community and individual levels. Her personal experience overcoming many traumatic life events and witnessing the constant struggle of children and their families trying to navigate multiple complex systems resulted in Latisha understanding the importance of addressing one's mental well-being, in order to ensure success in the future. 

​Latisha believes that with guidance and a strong support system, individuals can accomplish their goals. She created Blueprint Counseling Solutions with the belief that people aren't aware of their true potential until they learn to navigate through resources and use their inner strength to tap into hidden talents. 

"There are so many talents and strengths that people don't know they possess. My job is to pull it out of them. YOU are your most valuable resource. I know it, but YOU need to believe it! Design the template to your life. Take your power back and make your dreams a reality!" -Tish