• Myra Hollis


By Latisha Hill Joseph, LMFT

Locus of Control examines the beliefs an individual holds regarding the amount of control they have over the outcome of their lives versus uncontrollable factors caused by external influences. Locus of Control was often attributed to one’s innate personality traits, however, studies have shown that experiences can shape and/ or change one’s personality and their perception of the world. As a result, we respond to the world with the beliefs that our life experiences have made “true” to our identity and perception of the world.

Internal locus of control simply means that you have the power of both the good and bad that take place in your life. External locus of control simply means that you connect what happens in your life to factors ( people/ events, etc.) outside of yourself.

The ABC model [see image below] by Psychologist Albert Ellisbelow helps us better understand how locus of control plays a role in our lives.

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