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BCS Updates (3/21/2020)

Greetings from Blueprint Counseling Solutions!

We are definitely experiencing difficult times that I'm sure leave many of us with feelings of uncertainty, increased stress, and frustration. At the same time, we are now in our homes and I hope that you all take this opportunity to bond with your family and loved ones, physically or virtually.

I am doing my best to support your emotional and mental needs through the use of teletherapy. Most of my clients know that I'm not a fan of telehealth because it can be impersonal at times; nevertheless, it is our best resource during this time of social distancing.

Please remember to access your client portal to request, modify, or cancel your appointments.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by phone (619-844-1345).

Also, please remember to "manage the things in your control and release the things that aren't". Visit our past blog on Locus of Control at: www.blueprintmylife.com/post/personality-psychology-locus-of-control

Since we have time on our hands, feel free to check out the following TED Talks:

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