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You create a blueprint of your best performance, and you're happiest the night you surpass that blueprint. That won't happen that often, but it will happen. It's like sculpting: you keep refining. When you have a piece that is yours, that is just you, that becomes obsessive; you think about it all the time.

Kenneth Cranham


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Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Couples Therapy

Consulting & Training

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Motivational Interviewing
Cultural Competence
At-Risk Youth
Social Emotional Arts

Academic Advising

Navigating the public school system
College Planning
Special Education Services (IEP/ 504 Plans/ SST Meetings)

Career Coaching

Career Exploration
Discovering other Talents
Time for a Change
Empty Nest Syndrome
Make a hobby into a career

Support Groups

Women of Color
Teen Empowerment
Coping Skills


Navigating Life

Connection to Resources

Feeling Stuck?

Peer-to-Peer Guidance

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