Jumpstart your life with a solid foundation.

Mission: To provide our clients with a safe space to identify and connect with their true self and make their dreams a reality.

Vision: To promote resiliency, empowerment and self-reliance among individuals looking to better their lives.

We envision a world where all people recognize their self-worth, can overcome personal challenges and recognize their power to make their dreams come true. Perfectionism is not the focus, but rather increasing one's self awareness to readily identify their strengths, vision, motivation and challenges. Challenges are not weaknesses, but instead opportunities to grow into the wiser, stronger, bolder, and creative individuals we were always destined to be. 

Mental Health impacts everyone. Blueprint Counseling Solutions strives to normalize the negative concept and perception of mental illness and promotes the education of communities and individuals to recognize the importance of talking about emotional and developmental facets of our life comfortably and passionately. 


I always think about the next generation and creating a different blueprint for them. That's my goal: to let them know there's another way.

Janelle Monae, Singer


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